why we made currica

Training new hires is a problem that startups and corporations face alike. Since we do offer apprentice programs (if you’re looking check this out), we have that process too, Before making currica, we had curated training material in markdown files, so whenever we had a new hire; each day, we manually selected the tasks for the day in an email to let the person know, then we took time personally to get the updates on progress and problems.

This worked out fine for us for quite a long time (quite longer then we expected), but as we are growing, this is turning out to be counterproductive due to the time being invested by the trainer in tasks that are fairly simple and repetitive, so we thought its time to automate this, we looked out for content curation systems that offer reviews and scoring to make use of / build upon, but found none that catered to our needs, So we made currica!

Currica is an open-source super-simple learning management system for curated courses that you can deploy within seconds and optimize your training process. It offers different front-ends for administration, reviewers and students.

The administration, gets to see the reports for students, the time report (how much time a candidate spent on each task). The reviewer comments and grade scores in the grade report. It groups the student submissions as a list of tasks that a teacher can grade very quickly (reading about the task once and grading all instances of that tasks’ submissions).

On the student end, it automatically loads the tasks for today, the student can also switch between different pathways. As a gamification tactic, there is also a leaderboard that shows who’s ahead and who’s lacking.

It is not developed as a Saas (though it can), we just started with the bare bones that any content curation software requires, so you can use it as is, or fork it to make it to fit your needs and this can evolve into something we can all use. In terms of design, we took a minimal approach to establish a base-line for the components we felt were necessary for this to work.

Areas that we feel can be improved with your ideas are gamification (make it less boring then it is), content-viewing (drop box like feature to view files, an embedded zip file viewer would be very handy!) and reporting (the world is your oyster).

Give us a shout if we can be of any help, we have open-sourced this to make sure that this thing evolves and the problem remains solved for all startups to come :).

Cheers from Team MarketLytics :)


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